Artist Guest Post: Missset

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Recreating a majestic bald eagle in 3D would be a challenge for many 3D artists. The eyes, beak, feathers, and talons need to be done just right to capture the spirit of this bird of prey.

Eagle 3D model by Missset

Anatomically correct feathers, created with 3ds Max native instruments.

detailed 3d eagle model by Missset

Dmytro Teslenko specializes in beautiful animal models, and you can follow along in this time-lapse video to see how he models and sculpts this feathered creature from start to finish. You can also check out the finished product on TurboSquid.

In part one, Dmytro constructs the anatomy of the bird using 3ds Max.

3ds max modeler Missset
wireframe of 3d model by Missset

In part two, Dmytro adds realistic details to breathe life into the the model using ZBrush 4R7. You can practically feel the raised texture of the eagle’s feet and skin.

3d sculpting by Missset
Time lapse 3d sculpt by Missset

Dmytro is part of a team of artists known as “Missset”, and their TurboSquid collection is an animal lover’s paradise. You can follow Dmytro Teslenko’s personal portfolio, and also Missset’s collective work at their Behance and Facebook pages.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to show off your WIPs or other behind-the-scenes glimpses into your modeling process, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to drop us a line or post on the forum.