Wasteland 2 Models on TurboSquid

3D Models From Wasteland 2 Now Available on TurboSquid

Kate Voisin Company, Industry News, Press Release

New Orleans, LA, March 2, 2017inXile Entertainment announced today that initial model packs from Wasteland 2 are now available for sale on stock 3D marketplace TurboSquid.

The initial packs include dozens of characters and creatures that shipped in the remastered HD edition of Wasteland 2. The characters are all rigged, and additional animation packs from the game are also available for sale. “When we looked at which models to publish first, the characters made the most sense,” explained inXile CEO Brian Fargo. “There’s a huge amount of variety, and some opportunities to get really creative mixing and matching the different customization options. People will be able to have a lot of fun with these.”

As for what content will come next, the two companies agree that there are many different options. They hinted that customers might see more Wasteland 2 content like props and weapons, or a batch from inXile’s newest title, Tides of Numenara. “Part of getting this first batch ready was figuring out how to make the process work,” said Matt Wisdom, TurboSquid CEO. “Now we can watch with inXile to see what customers are most excited about, and focus on getting them even more incredible models.”

All models are available with a standard royalty-free license.