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TurboSquid Launches VR Gallery: Cecoaliensa

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Examine the work of TurboSquid’s top VR horror artist, up-close and personal.

About the Artist

TurboSquid is thrilled to present the work of one of our most popular VR artists: Cecoaliensa. His creations will be well-known to many VR enthusiasts as they have been featured in some of VR’s most popular titles. No one who has ever had a Cecoaliensa zombie sneak up behind them as they desperately unload their virtual nine millimeter will ever forget it. What better way to present his work than to let VR lovers take a look around his world first-hand? To that end, we encourage everyone with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift+Touch to download and explore the new TurboSquid VR Gallery: Cecoaliensa.

Download the TurboSquid VR Gallery

About TurboSquid’s VR Gallery

Artists building experiences for VR know all too well that examining an object in VR is a completely different experience than looking at a render of it on a web page. The unique characteristics of VR present both a challenge and an opportunity for the artists that provide the models that populate these virtual worlds, and TurboSquid’s VR Lab has been exploring the best way to give buyers a means of examining these assets up-close in VR.

VP of Immersive Tech, Matthew Hales, pointed out “There’s just no better way to do it. To know how a model will feel in VR you really have to see it stereoscopically – that’s really important. Building a full VR experience was the way to go, and we learned a lot in the process.”

By providing familiar VR interaction schemes such as teleportation and hand interaction, it was possible to all but eliminate any kind of learning curve for those with high-end headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Support for the newly-release Oculus Touch controllers was also considered a must. “After years of assessing models by looking through preview images for the perfect angle, it’s satisfying to be able to reach over, grab a model in your hand, and examine it as you would a physical object.” says TurboSquid CEO Matt Wisdom, “It really doesn’t get old.”

Products in the TurboSquid VR Gallery

Cyber Creature

Doggy Creature

Harpy Bat

God Statue

Hell Gate

Man & Woman Statues

Spider Creature

Thing Creature