How To Spot a Squid At Half Rez

Kate Voisin Company, Industry News

TurboSquid and PixelSquid are hitting the road! We’re excited to be sponsoring Half Rez 2016, where we’ll be drinking, learning, and hanging out with some great designers in Chicago on Wednesday, September 14th.

Whether you’re attending or living vicariously through Twitter, here’s your guide on joining in the fun for this year’s event.

What is Half Rez?

Half Rez is an event hosted by the incredible folks at Greyscalegorilla. It’s a jam packed night of presentations, drinks, and hanging out with 3D enthusiasts and 2D designers.

Let’s be honest, most of us work behind computers all day. Come join us at Half Rez to get away from the black rectangle for a while and hang with and learn from other professionals and beginners just like yourself.via Half Rez

This year’s event will take place at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, at 6PM on September 14th. Check out the list of attendees and find out how to attend if you’re in the area.

I’ll be there– how do I find you guys?

tweetbpOur very own Beau Perschall will be at Half Rez, repping both TurboSquid and PixelSquid!

Hi, Beau! I love 3D.
As the VP of Business Development for TurboSquid, Beau eats, sleeps, and breathes 3D. TurboSquid is the source of 3D models for professionals, and Beau has been responsible for creating and evolving CheckMate, the industry’s best– and only– quality standard for 3D models. He’s also an AR/VR enthusiast. If you’re a game developer with thoughts on how to get 3D models into your real-time project, Beau is who you want to talk to.

3D’s great, but I’m a 2D designer…
We created PixelSquid as a way to easily introduce 3D into your 2D design workflow. Talk to Beau to find out more or ask him to demo the incredible PixelSquid app on his phone. (Your selfie game is about to get much stronger.)

Be sure to say hi to Beau in person at Half Rez or on Twitter.

Pro-tip: you’ll probably spot him with an Old Fashioned in hand.

Sounds awesome. I want to join the fun!

snapchat-tspshrez-promoWhether you’re at the party or following along at home, be sure to watch us on Twitter @TurboSquid and @PixelSquid360 and follow #halfrez to join in the fun. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to tag your photos with #PixelSquid.

P.S. Don’t forget to use our tentacular Snapchat filter to liven up your snaps.

See you in Chicago!