The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Breadcrumb Search

TurboSquid Site

Searching for just the right model can sometimes be difficult. Use too vague a search term, and you could find yourself digging through too many results. Search on something too specific, and you could miss an inspired choice.

Saving you time is what TurboSquid is all about, including the speed at which you find the model you need– FAST.

Recently, we’ve implemented clickable breadcrumbs to our Search pages. This seemingly simple solution relies upon a complex categorization system, devised by our team, called Feature Graph. Without getting into the intricate details of how the system works, here’s how it can help you.

To see it in action, perform a search on In keeping with the theme, we chose “bread” for our example. Notice that a top the results page allows you to access broader results by moving up the tree to “Baked Goods.”


If you’re looking for types of bread, digging deeper by using the “More” option provides you with the next level of choices, along with some visuals.


We think this is a pretty delicious addition to the site, don’t you?