New Exposure for a Not-So-New Feature: Free File Format Conversions

TurboSquid Site

We know you come to TurboSquid for 3D models, but sometimes it’s not that simple– often, the model you need doesn’t appear to be available in a format that fits your pipeline.

Did you know that we offer Free File Format Conversions? While this service has been a lifeline for many a designer, so many of our customers have never taken advantage of it. But why? you might ask. The answer: they didn’t know it was available.

Our new page update is here to save the day (and help save your project).

On each product page, for any 3D model over $20, you will now see a button to the right offering “Free File Format Conversions.” Now you’re no longer limited to the assets that are available only in your format. Our talented support team will work with you to convert the asset you want into the file format you need.

All you have to do is ask!


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