Performance Enhancing Site Updates

TurboSquid Site

It takes a lot to keep an online marketplace running, especially one that showcases over half a million assets to over a million visitors each month. When dealing with such large quantities, even the slightest improvements to the experience feel like a bit of a win.

Over the past few weeks, we have been making hardware and software improvements to our application and database servers. We’re happy to report that these changes have moved the needle, making information move a lot faster for everyone who visits the site.

So, what are the speed gains? Load times on both Search and Full Preview (product) pages are clocking in at roughly 40% faster.

With faster pages, it’s easier for customers to find what they want, and for Google to crawl more pages… which hopefully brings in more views for products and more sales for artists.

  • TS-search-cache
  • TS-full-preview