Featured Artist: M.M.I.

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We’re hitting the high seas with TurboSquid Artist M.M.I.! In this Featured Artist Interview, M.M.I. talks about his first encounter with 3D and what the future holds for him as a CheckMate artist.


How long have you been a 3D artist?

I started working in 3D about three years ago, and it was a unforgettable moment, when I first looked at the 3D viewport… I had made a simple cube and just started spinning around it.

I’ve been interested in CG since my parents bought my first computer. At first, I just did 2D painting, but after a couple of years, I turned to 3D. I was just watching a lot of different animated short films, and I decided to make something similar. My first experience with 3D was through Blender, and it was fantastic. With the help of a lot of video-lessons, I spent all of the first evening— and half the night— learning to make a photorealistic render of cup, and I did it! Of course, it didn’t look like the ones in the video, but I was very inspired with my first results. So, I decided to move forward, improve my skills, and become a professional 3D artist.

What do you think is your biggest priority when making 3D models?

For me, the main ingredient of a successful model is the quality of detalization. It makes your model really interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Your catalog is currently pretty varied, in terms of what kind of content you make. What are your favorite things to model? What kinds of things would you like to try to model in the future?

I particularly like creating sci-fi models, because that genre really broadens my imagination, which lets me create unique and interesting content. I also like trying my skills in many others genres, too. In the future, I want to create some complex architecture models… though I won’t exclude the idea that there will be some sort of sci-fi architecture! 😉

What has been your experience with CheckMate?

Since I got my first badge, I decided to certify all my subsequent work. The CheckMate program taught me how to create models of highest quality. Now I always pay a lot of attention to topology when I’m modeling, and I’m happy that I don’t have anymore issues with my meshes.

How long have you been with TurboSquid? Would you or have you recommended TurboSquid to others?

I’ve been with Turbosquid for almost two years, and I’ve learned that it’s a great opportunity for artists to earn additional money and even improve their skills. I’ve already recommended Turbosquid to my artist friends and I want recommend it to all other artists who haven’t joined yet.

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