Awaiting Greatness from the Playstation VR at GDC16

TurboSquid Real-Time, VR

Sony has finally joined Oculus and HTC in announcing the price, schedule, and general specifications of their first consumer HMD, leaving the actual performance of the PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus) one of the last great mysteries of consumer VR.  

Last week a Sony VP made perhaps more news than he would have liked when his quote, “I would admit that Oculus may have better VR” rocketed around the blogs (and ultimately ending up on The Sony guys I’ve talked to here at the show however are adamant that this is not the case. There have actually been a few PSVRs to demo scattered around the GDC convention hall, but interestingly the only titles I’ve seen on display were abstract vector-style games that, due to their graphical simplicity, serve as poor test subjects when assessing either display fidelity or hardware performance.  We’re really hoping to see PSVRs conquer something more challenging on the expo floor.