TurboSquid Launches Portal Exposing over 60,000 Real-Time 3D Assets

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Today, TurboSquid announces the launch of a real-time portal that provides easy access to the world’s largest library of 3D model content for game, AR, VR, and real-time app development.

For 16 years, TurboSquid has been the source for professional 3D models for everyone from architects to visual effects artists. In that time, few industries have shown as much growth as that of the games industry. As the industry has evolved, we’ve become aware of an ongoing convergence and adoption of standards for real-time content, including things like PBR shading that many modern game engines now support. This same march towards standardization will also impact the way content is created for upcoming AR / VR experiences. We have begun to work with both customers and artists to help connect them in meaningful ways.

As a result of engaging with top companies in the real-time space, TurboSquid outlined a broad scope of content recommendations for use within companies’ current pipelines. We then took on the task of identifying models that matched this broad definition from the over 500,000 existing items currently in our library. As expected, we identified over 60,000 real-time-ready assets, proving that the TurboSquid artist community has kept busy creating amazing work for real-time use.

The launch of this portal is just the beginning. Our expectation is to refine the broad strokes used to identify this first round of content. From here, we will continue to work with those who are currently consuming 3D assets as well as those who are producing content for various platforms — including virtual reality and augmented reality devices. Our discussions will center around identifying their specific needs, then informing our artist community.

Next week, top brass from TurboSquid will be in attendance at both the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in San Francisco. We will be meeting with existing customers as well as technology partners to further our understanding of the content needs for this specific niche of 3D consumers. In addition, we will gather information by attending presentations that focus on production, pipelines and new game platforms. This will allow us to compile pertinent information that we can report back to our artists.

If you will be one of the thousands in attendance, we’ll make the time to talk. For those that are unable to make the trek but are currently using real-time content to create for this space, your feedback is also valuable.

As we work with the communities to evolve the specifications that surround the real-time classification, we will continue to inform and educate our 3D artists, resulting in a bigger, better selection of content for game and augmented and virtual reality development.

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