Artist Spotlight: DRONNNNN95

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TurboSquid Artist DRONNNNN95 designs great models, especially for use in games. In this Artist Spotlight, we are featuring his classic city tram, but this gorgeous, well-worn scene includes several of his awesome models. We had a chance to chat about his history with 3D and why he likes making models with an aged look in our newest Featured Artist Interview!


How long have you been an artist and how did you get your start as a 3D modeler?

I have been modeling for about three years. I started 3D in my final year of school, and I thought it would just be a hobby. As soon as I started my first year of University, though, I realized that it could be profitable, and since then, I’ve started to improve my skills. I love this industry and try to make each model my best model.

Since childhood, I was quite good at drawing and clay modeling. I think it’s similar, how you transfer those skills to an innovative product like 3D— you create the shapes for your model, and you texture and paint it. I spend a lot of time modeling. It’s work, but it’s still relaxing to me.

What do you think is your biggest priority when making 3D models?

I really like old models of houses and vehicles. Attrition and deterioration gives the models some kind of life story. Lately, I like making fantastic models of airships, cars, and buildings that can be used in games. My main priority when creating a new model is realism and attention to detail.

What inspires you when making models for games?

I rarely play computer games, but I’ll download one sometimes just to see the models.
I look at a lot of photos, and I also seek out abandoned buildings in the my city, to see them in real life. There’s no better way to experience it.

What has been your experience with CheckMate?

Having a standard in 3D modeling is as important as having one in other industries. I loved having the certification almost from the first few months of even selling my models. Getting certified makes me smile— it confirms that my model is on a high level and the customer who buys it can be sure of its quality.

How long have you been with TurboSquid? Would you or have you recommended TurboSquid to others?

I first heard about TurboSquid three years ago, but for awhile I was afraid to show my work in that first year because I thought that it wasn’t up to the quality of the site. Once I started improving my skills in 3D modeling, I decided to publish my first model. Soon, it will be two years since I posted my first model. I recommend TurboSquid to all my friends— better to show your work here, than hidden on a hard drive at home!

Check out more of DRONNNNN95’s work over on Behance!

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