Meet Susan de la Houssaye, Human Resources Coordinator

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Susan de la Houssaye toasts to TurboSquid!

In this week’s Meet the Squids, we’re talking to Susan de la Houssaye, Human Resources Coordinator at TurboSquid.   While her daily to-do list is varied and plentiful (and probably impeccably organized, as you’ll read below), Susan also monitors the many resumes that flow into the TurboSquid inbox.  If you’ve applied for a job with us, it’s very likely that your resume passed through her hands first.  Read on to find out some of Susan’s handy resume tips– as a former Career Counselor, she definitely knows how you can get the attention of her fellow HR folks.


What’s a typical day at the Squid Tank like for you?

Every day here is different. Some days I’m making travel plans, preparing for a new hire to arrive, doing pre-screens over the phone with potential candidates, posting job openings, contacting headhunters, working on expense reports, signing checks, sending wire transfers, ordering lunch for a department meeting, preparing for a company meeting or a board meeting, and the list goes on.

It seems like there’s a spotlight on New Orleans, as a great place to find tech jobs. (In fact, our CEO, Matt Wisdom, just sat with a panel for NOLA Tech Week, where they talked about this.)  As someone who sees a lot of resumes, what’s one way for a candidate to really get your attention?  And are there some mistakes that could get a resume sent straight to the “No” pile?

Spell check, spell check, spell check! When I open an email from a job applicant, I can tell immediately if they have read our job posting in its entirety. We ask that everyone visits our website, creates a username, and includes it in their cover letter. Candidates should attach their resume and include the job title in the subject line of their email.

In my opinion, a resume should always fit on one page and the cover letter should be three short paragraphs summarizing their experience and letting us know why they are qualified for the position they are interested in. Candidates should have friends and family review their resume before sending it out, in order to catch any last minute mistakes.  One time, I received a resume from an applicant and they had their phone number wrong on their resume, so I was calling the wrong number.

One last tip– resumes should be received as a PDF, not a Word doc. Please check our website for all of the current job openings.


What’s your favorite thing about working at TurboSquid?

The best thing about TS is the relaxed work environment. Everyone here works really hard, but they also know how to have fun. There will be times when the office is quiet and everyone is working diligently, and then you will hear people taking a break and joking around in the kitchen. Everyone here is freakishly nice and helpful!



Do you have a favorite model on in the TurboSquid catalog?

This tiger (one of our featured models by PROmax3D) is awesome – ROAR!


What do you do when you’re not at the office?

I eat out, work out, and travel a lot. I love trying new restaurants, therefore, I have to work out religiously. Right now, I think Coquette is the best restaurant in town. Regarding working out, I’m obsessed with going to HourBlast. I love traveling on the weekends to visit friends or to hang out with my family in Pass Christian, MS. If I’m around here on the weekends I’m often hired to do home organizing. I basically help people de-clutter their homes. I have my own website – check it out!

Before we go– give us three random facts about you! Go!

1. I like to skydive.
2. I love country music.
3. I am addicted to all of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo.