CheckMate Pro v2 Specification: Realtime 3D Models

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Part of the CheckMate Pro v2 specification allows for realtime models. A realtime model has the minimum number of polygons possible to create the shape of the object, and excellent textures to make up the difference in detail. Such a model is also not expected to be subdividable. In fact, if holding edges are added to the model, it adds unnecessary detail that causes the model to not be ideal for realtime.      Exception for realtime models: Models intended for game engines, realtime display, or background elements must have the lowest number of polygons possible while still retaining the model’s shape… For such models, a high percentage of triangles is allowable, provided they are necessary to make the model shape with the lowest number of polygons possible.


Here are some examples of CheckMate Pro v2 realtime models.

T-55A Medium Tank by ES3DStudios

751844-Tank-Render 751844-Tank-Wire-Detail

 This tank model has just the right amount of detail on round areas that realtime users or game players will be likely to notice, such as the treads and turret. The gun has just enough segments to keep it round at a medium distance, and the flat plates on the tank body have a single bevel to catch light detail and add an extra touch of realism. There are no holding edges on the treads, or anywhere else. The textures and UVs are also superb. It’s clear that this model was carefully thought out and modeled with realtime use in mind.


Rubble Debris Complete Scene by 3D_Multimedia

758887-Debris-Render 758887-Debris-Wire

758887-Debris-Render-Car 758887-Debris-Render-Lights

Is there anything better than a big pile of debris? This busy scene consists of several low-poly objects for a game or realtime environment. Great time and care was taken to make each object as low-poly as possible, while providing great textures to make a rich scene.

Triangles and Realtime Models

If necessary, a realtime 3D model can have a large percentage of triangles. Appropriate realtime topology is all about making a model that customers can readily use for realtime or background purposes, especially in situations where poly count is an issue. When preparing a realtime model, ask yourself if there’s any way to reduce the poly count even further and still retain the shape of the model.

Realtime Submissions for CheckMate Pro v2

When submitting a realtime 3D model for CheckMate Pro v2 certification, be sure to indicate in the Description that the model is intended for realtime and not subdivision. This tells the inspector what to look for when inspecting your model.