TurboSquid’s 2nd Annual Mini Golf Tournament of Champions

Kate Voisin Company, Site

On Friday, June 19th, our TurboSquid HQ was transformed from an everyday office space into a 9-hole mini golf course for the exalted TAO (that’s TurboSquid Accounting Office Invitational).  Each department was asked to build their own mini golf holes, which sprawled across the entire open layout of the Squid Tank.  There were trophies and awards to go around for the best players and best hole constructors.  And in typical New Orleans fashion, the event was catered with snacks, wine, and beer for all of the (of age!) Squids to enjoy.

Here’s a tour of the course in action:

[youtube http://www.youtu.be/N4zdkSAji6g]


For this year’s competition, our Development Team went all out in providing up-to-the-minute stats with score cards and an electronic score board, which helped determine the winners, and set the tone for the professionalism of TAO 2013:

TAO scoreboard

Dev Team’s amazing live scoreboard, complete with requisite Caddyshack video

Dale Clemens, of TurboSquid QA, won one of the prized Hole-In-One awards on Dev Team’s wicked complicated beanbag trap. As a seasoned mini golfer from TAO 2012, he said, “This year’s competition was a lot more fun. Many of the holes were not as elaborate or decorated, but they were better suited for putt-putt and making sure everyone went through them in a timely manner. All in all, the whole event appeared more thought out.”

QA's Cthulu shrine was voted as "Best Hole" by TAO participants

TurboSquid CEO Matt Wisdom takes a shot at Cthulu himself
QA’s Cthulu shrine was voted as “Best Hole” by TAO participants.  Below, TurboSquid CEO, Matt Wisdom, takes aim at Cthulu himself.


Eric Arvidson, CFO of TurboSquid, who was one of the many people credited with making the event run smoothly, said,  “The holes [this year] were more complex and artistic, and I think they were more fun to play.  I actually wanted to review the numbers, but I would say that we had at least 20 more [participants] this year than last.”

And there was certainly a high level of artistry this year, especially in the Support Agents’ hole, a recreation of the Rainbow Road in the Mario Kart games.

When asked how much love went into the hand-painted, sprawling hole, Support Head Christell Gause admits, “It took about a week, in between support requests.  One of the agents did illustrations at home.”  She added, “There’s little time between support requests, but some stayed late to get them done.”

As with all the departments, the hard work really paid off.  Says Christell, “It helps build teamwork on two levels.  When you’re building your hole, you get to collaborate with co-workers in your department to create something that will be challenging yet fun in the end.  When you’re actually golfing, you get to interact and strategize with people you don’t necessarily see every day.”

TAO 2013 Winners:

Best Hole: QA Department, hole #2, Cthulu

Most Challenging Hole: Development, hole #3, The A-Hole

Individual Standings:

1st place (shared)Eric Arvidson, Jamie Reily

3rd place (shared)Jonathon Graas, Mark Kurt

5th place (shared): Sam Stites, Taijon Robinson, Blair Lancaster, Robin Millard

9th place (shared): Andrew Freeman, John Foster, Logan Klein



2013-07-19 12.47.12

Inventory Department’s plinko-inspired hole.

2013-07-19 12.45.09

Just part of Support’s awesome Rainbow Road.


1st place team, the Tee Totalers.



Team Standings:

1. Tee Totalers

2. Shanks-a-lot

3. Grass Masters

4. Teed Off

5. Shots R Us






What will this year’s winner’s do with their awards?

Dale Clemens, a winner of a Hole In One title: It’s currently making my desk seem infinitely more classy.

Sam Stites, member of Shanks-a-lot, 2nd place team: I keep the award under my computer so that I feel close to it.

Eric Arvidson, 1st place individual, 3rd place team, and Hole In One: Currently, they are in my office and I will probably leave them there so that I can be more popular at work.  …Or, I am not sure where I would put them at home.

Wear ’em proud, guys.  Congratulations to all of our winners, a huge thank-you to everyone who made this event possible, and squid hugs all around for everyone who participated.

Be sure to view the rest of our photos from the amazing office-wide course.  Tee you next year!