Inspector Picks of the Month!

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inspectormonth Our 3D Model Inspectors see a lot of models, day in and day out. While many of the models pass their inspections, sometimes a model really stands out, and our Inspector Team is thrilled to share it with the world.

For this roundup, we’re taking a look back at the Inspector Picks for the month of June and sharing some ideas from the Inspectors themselves about what makes a great model.



This stage model by MS_RAY was practically made for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  Says Inspector Logan, “Everything is organized and easy to control— the video walls are easy to replace with your own images or video. The geometry is clean and can be either a day or night scene.”


Another pick from Inspector Logan, this anatomical model by Scyrus is practical and stylish, but its real charm lies in its creative turntables.   Logan adds, “It’s incredibly realistic– each bone and muscle is named correctly according to its Latin medical term.”


From TurboSquid artist Arte 3D, this incredible 2014 Corvette Stingray floored Inspector Mark, who had this to say: “The level of detail on this car is amazing. Every detail, down to the tire treads, is modeled and has detailed textures. The level of detail, paired with the clean UVs and good geometry, makes this an extremely well made model.”

Congratulations to the artists who managed to catch our discerning Inspectors’ eyes.  Stay tuned to find out what other models make the cut!