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Here at TurboSquid HQ, we’re always happy to share our favorite models, our artists’ outstanding work, and the freshest 3D news. Tune into any of our social channels to get in touch with our artists and customers, and get a look behind the scenes with with the TurboSquid family (and their friends!).

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening this week in the Turbosquid community:

New Featured Model!

This week, we featured a gorgeous 3D model of a blue Breitling Emergency watch on the front page of our website. This model was crafted by the talented Milos Jakubec, who we also interviewed for this week’s Artist Spotlight.

animonday#AniMonday, Ahoy!

Every Monday, we check out the newest and best additions to TurboSquid’s 3D animal kingdom. On the most recent AniMonday, we hit the waves with some sea-worthy models from artist 3dsam79!

Check out more AniMonday fun, and try your hand at building your own 3D zoo.



Calling #ThrowBackThursday

Every Thursday, we like to take a look back at how 3D models have evolved, from the earliest entries in the TurboSquid catalog, to some of our best, newly-certified models. It’s amazing to see how far our artists, and the technology behind them, have come in just a decade.

This week’s #ThrowBackThursday featured the evolution of cellular technology, from those old Nokia bricks, to slick and sleek smart phones.

Check out some of our older #ThrowBackThursdays (or #TBTs, if you prefer), to get a bird’s eye view into the changing pace of 3D technology.

Colonel Stryper, In the Squid Shack, With the Revolver

Last week, the Squid staff put their tentacles together to solve a grisly murder… That is, they got together for a super rad 80s-themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party! Whodunnit? We’ll never tell. But we did manage to snap this photo of our Member Services manager, who won Best Dressed of the night.

3D News For Thought

This week, we were excited to learn about the BigBrain project, the world’s first highly detailed 3D roadmap of the human brain! Take a look at the video, which one of our Facebook friends referred to as, “reverse 3D printing” (hah!).

summerWhere SPF Stands for Super Pinterest Fun!

In acknowledgment of the blazing summer heat, we’ve been showing off some of our coolest summer themed 3D models over on Pinterest.

Ready to hit the waves? Find more inspiration for your beach scenes with TurboSquid!



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