CheckMate Pro v2 Coming Soon

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When CheckMate Pro was released in August 2011, we knew there would be regular updates to it. Since then, there have been a few minor updates such as new pricing tiers and clarifications of presentation requirements. But on June 15, for the first time since CheckMate Pro was first released, there will be a major update to the specification.

These new specification points are direct recommendations from the CheckMate Advisory Board.

New Model Topology Requirement – Edge Flow

Every model must have clean edge flow. This means:

The model must be modeled with accepted edge flow modeling techniques.  We will supply videos on these techniques. The first one on Round Cutouts is already available on our YouTube channel.

The model must subdivide cleanly and without destroying the shape of the object. Even if you are of the opinion that no one will ever want to subdivide your model, we use subdivision as a test for clean edge flow, as subdivision points up problems with edge flow very clearly.

The model must include “holding edges” or “support edges” near sharp edges or holes that would otherwise become misshapen during subdivision.

If the model includes any Boolean cutouts, the edges around these cutouts must be cleaned up for good edge flow. Very fine cuts, such as small, fine text cutouts, should be defined by normal maps and not by Boolean cutouts.

You must include at least two wireframe thumbnails showing Subdivision Level 0 and one other level above 0. We will provide a Photoshop file with the text for these wireframe images, in fact the Photoshop file is already available from the CheckMate Tools page.

3ds Max and Maya models must not have any Crease values set above 0 (the default value for the Crease parameter). This ensures that when the model is exported to other formats, it will retain its shape during subdivision.

Exception for Minimum Poly Models

For edge flow, we make an exception for a model created with the minimum number of polygons possible, as a game or background model. Such models can still be accepted into CheckMate Pro, but it must have the words “Not intended for subdivision” in the product description. These models, which are intended for use as game assets or background objects, do not have to adhere to edge flow modeling techniques.

Naming Conventions

We have always had a requirement for correctly named objects in CheckMate Pro. We are refining this point to require a layer named for the model, with all objects in this layer.


We’re giving you a heads-up on these June 15 changes so you can start preparing your models now.