Pricing for All Categories: New CheckMate Price Levels Announced

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TurboSquid has a wealth of simpler models that customers love to buy: ordinary forks and spoons, hairbrushes and combs, cups and saucers.

Until now, artists who create these models were reluctant to put them in our CheckMate Certification program because of the price floors of $39 for Lite and $49 for Pro. For this reason, we’re now allowing prices of $19 for CheckMate Lite, and $29 for CheckMate Pro. These price floors apply only to simple or plain models of certain types such as silverware and fruit, the kinds of models that can’t reasonably be priced at $39 or $49.

We’re glad that artists who create these models will now be able to join CheckMate, and reap its benefits of higher sales and happy customers.

How to set a price as $19 or $29

As with previous price floor changes, you can’t use the new pricing right in the Publisher–you need to get an inspector review before the price can be changed. This will ensure that prices remain appropriate and competitive at TurboSquid.

  1. Publish your model and submit it for certification at one of the price tiers allowed in the Publisher ($39 for Lite, $49 for Pro).
  2. After your model passes certification, open a support ticket with the subject “CheckMate Price Change Request”. Include the Product ID for the product you would like changed, and to what price.
  3. Based on comparison with similar models on the TurboSquid site, an inspector will review your request and change the price if appropriate.

Price change requests are processed once a week, so please allow our inspectors time to review your request.