Take “Quick Preview” – Our Speedy New Search Feature – for a Spin

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In case you’ve missed it, the search result pages on TurboSquid recently got a lot more interactive. The introduction of  “Quick Preview” earlier this week allows site visitors the ability to quickly view multiple images of a single product within search results before visiting the product page.

After analyzing loads of data, we came to the conclusion that customers really want to get into the site, find what they need and get out as quickly as possible. This is the first in a number of changes that are in the works which center around shortening the customer journey, while not limiting exposure to as many relevant models as possible.

New Quick Preview Search Feature on TurboSquid.com

Change and Effect

While customers speed through the site, this new way of browsing will result in changes to product statistics. The number of  product views, currently available to artists as a  Product Statistics report, are anticipated to see some drop. Not to fret: we’ve added another valuable metric to the same report allowing artists to see how many times the product has been accessed using this new Quick Preview feature. At first launch, our servers were estimating that visitors were accessing up to 25 Quick Preview images per second—that’s a lot of data to capture. While we work to figure the fastest way to provide this information, the Quick Preview metrics included in Product Statistics reports are not currently providing real-time data. Our goal is to speed the delivery of this data up, but for now we are providing fair warning.


Search Controls

While we have seen very few visitors turn off the Quick Preview feature, the ability to do so is available as a Search Setting (as shown below).


Nearly Perfect 

The more data we have on how users interact with this new feature, the easier it is for our team to identify and resolve issues that arise. For example, this first release is not yet available for mobile users.

This is just the beginning in terms of the list of features the team at TurboSquid is working toward. Stay tuned and please keep the feedback coming as we release upgrades to the site—your input is invaluable to the process.