Meet Corey Cambre, Checkmate Inspector

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For our third installment of the new meet-our-staff blog series, we interviewed Corey “Fluffy” Cambre, a Checkmate Inspector for our team here at TurboSquid.  Read on to learn more about this illustrious modeler, bowler, and dragon connoisseur.

Why “Fluffy”?

It was a joke from Gabriel Iglesias. He said there are 5 types of fat. I fell into the fluffy category. So when someone called me fat I said I’m not fat I’m fluffy. Thus the name stuck with me.

What does the day of a Checkmate Inspector typically look like?

I inspect CheckMate submitted models from various artists, as well as help any artist with issues, such as changing their assets from Lite to Pro, or even simply submitting to CheckMate.  I also am Learning C4D to help artists understand materials and better modeling techniques to help with their submissions to CheckMate.  I also help the support side with any questions they have.

Have you published any of your own models on TurboSquid?

I have published five simple models, and I am working on more models to publish. I model in C4D and would love to join the ranks of people like C4D model shop and Ebal studios.

What do you do with your time when you’re not inspecting or creating 3D models?

Besides hanging out with my girlfriend, I enjoy going bowling. It has always been a passion of mine and I am the third generation bowler from both sides of the family.

Do you harbor any PBA aspirations?

I have been bowling for 17 years. I would love to go to the PBA for at least one trip.

We like hearing fellow Squids’ favorite thing about working here.  What do you think?

I have to say the best thing about my job is the people: we’re all laid back, fun individuals. We know how to make the day fun and exciting while still maintaining a high workflow. Each day brings new jokes or stories, and that never gets old.

And what about your favorite model on the site . . .

Ok, so I have two, but they are by the same artist:




These are my favorites just because they are so realistic they make people not believe that they are 3D models. The level of detail and the materials used are some of the best TurboSquid has to offer, in my opinion.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I am a lover of Dragons—any type from any time. I have dragon memorabilia everywhere in my house. Also I used to help run a comic book shop.


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