Site Update: New and Improved Cart Plus Loads of Languages

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Every few weeks, the team at TurboSquid comes together to push out some new exciting (and hopefully helpful) features to the site. While many times we spend weeks discussing, designing, and debating exactly how something will be implemented, it’s all worth it when we finally get to show it off.

Check Out Our New Checkout

The complete redesign of the shopping cart was long overdue, but there is a lot of functionality to consider when making major changes to an area of the site that is relied on heavily by so many.

Here’s a quick tour of a few of the new features:

  • An upgraded, cleaner look that is more in line with the style carried throughout the rest of the site


  • The ability to add and remove items with ease



  •  Logged in users can save and edit multiple payment methods to speed up the purchase process


  • One-click quote generation for purchases that require sign-off



Our goal was to remove impediments in the shopping experience for customers making the process of purchasing easier and faster.


Se habla espanol? Parlez-vous français?  Czy mówi Pan po polsku?

As our artists are already aware, we have been working diligently to translate all of the content on  For now, TS artists are still the only visitors who are capable of viewing translated pages, but there is a lot more to see.

Many of the main pages of the site have been translated along with a number of Knowledge Base articles. Professionals translators have been working tirelessly to translate content into ten different languages.  Their work looks great, but we still need your feedback in order to keep moving this project forward.

To view translated content, log into the site then select your language of choice from the Account menu in the top right-hand corner. We encourage you to read through the content and provide us with feedback on how we can improve it. If you happen upon any bugs with the system, please let us know by posting on the Translation News forum.


The goal of this project is to localize all of the content on TurboSquid for both artists and customers, creating a truly global platform for 3D models to be published and purchased.