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While space has been deemed the final frontier (special thanks to the creators of “Star Trek” for that one), for 3D artist Radoxist, his Astronaut Spacesuit model represents the beginning of his journey as a CheckMate Pro certified artist on TurboSquid. Mind you, Radoxist is no stranger to the CheckMate standard. Of his over 100 models, a  number of those have made it through to become CheckMate Lite certified, but the featured model for the month of November will likely not be his last stab at Pro. We got to know a little bit about this talented artist, how he started his career in 3D modeling, his favorite creations and current works.

When did you start 3D modeling?

About 13 years ago I had a really long summer after the school year.  3ds max 5 somehow got into my hands and it was love at first sight. You can see some of my earliest works in this Facebook album, and I must say I feel quite nostalgic looking at them. They are so funny! Then 3 years ago I started my professional carrier at my own Radoxist studio.

Where do you find inspiration for your 3D models?

Everyday life around me, but sometimes I really have to think hard to come up with something interesting for me. I love my most recent model, the astronaut suit. But if I have to choose something close to my heart, it would probably be my snowmen. They are the same object, but at the same time they are so different.

What’s most important to you when making 3D models?

I am always quite tough on myself, so I think the quality always matters to me the most. Also, when making a new model, the model has be different enough from other models online in order to interest me.

Tell us about your experience with TurboSquid and CheckMate.

I’ve had only a good experiences with TurboSquid, so I would recommend it to anyone thinking about joining the community. But if you want to be successful, you have to always offer something special compared to the other artists. Checkmate is a very good idea overall, but sometimes it is quite time-consuming to get the model to CheckMate Pro. I think my astronaut suit was the most suitable for CheckMate Pro of all my models.

What are you working on currently?

I have a challenging personal project that I have set up. It will be a huge reconstruction of an old painting (Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault) but with new techniques of 3D graphics, retouching and photo-shooting. We are on our way to get around $10,000 for this project, so wish us luck !


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