The CheckMate Difference – September Sales

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Once again, 3D model customers have made their preferences clear. While only 3.2% of the 3D models at TurboSquid are CheckMate Certified, these models account for over 18% of sales.

CheckMate Difference September 2012

TurboSquid strives to give customers what they want, and that is more CheckMate models! Here are some comments from recent CheckMate Pro customers.

“The model being CheckMate Pro helps me know that I don’t have to do any tweaking before rendering, which is very good to know when on a tight deadline.”

– Johan S.

“I always look out for models with the CheckMate sign. These models have always met my needs and expectations.”

– Daniel F.

What are you waiting for? Submit your 3D models to CheckMate today and start reaping the rewards of making customers happy.