How-To Video: Fixing Overlapping Vertices in 3ds Max

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Got 5 Minutes? Then you have time for this video outlining how to find and fix overlapping Vertices using xView in 3ds Max 2010 or later.

  1. Find “xView” in the drop-down menu and once your mouse is over it another set of options will appear and you want to select “Overlapping Faces”.
  2. Go to “Customize”, then “Units Setup…”, and select “Generic Units” so that it matches our CheckMate script.
  3. Then, at the bottom click where it says “[Click Here To Configure]”.
  4. Change the “Tolerance:” to 0.0001.
  5. Select the model.
  6. Some versions will automatically show you the Overlapping Vertices, if not, go to the bottom and select “[Click Here To Update]”. All Overlapping Vertices will appear in green.
  7. Choose the Overlapping Vertices that you would like to fix, then go to the modify tab, and under “Selection” choose “Vertex”.
  8. Click and drag to select the Overlapping Vertices that you chose to fix.
  9. On the modify panel, click the settings button next to the “Weld” button and set your “Weld Threshold” to what you would like. I did 0.001.
  10. Then, click the “Weld” button.

In most cases that will work. However, if that does not work then it probably means that there are unnecessary Overlapping Faces that need to be removed. The next few steps will explain how to fix this issue:

  1. Make sure the Overlapping Vertices that you have chosen to fix are selected, then right-click and select “Convert to Face”.
  2. Then, alt+click to deselect all the faces that you can see that have been highlighted in red.
  3. Click delete to delete the unneeded Overlapping Faces.
  4. Repeat steps 7-10.

That is how you find and fix overlapping vertices using xView in 3ds Max 2010 or later.

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