Out with the Old and In with the New Features

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We at TurboSquid are constantly making changes and updating our web site, often without even the most active visitors ever noticing. However, the most recent changes had even our “regulars” doing a double take. So what exactly did we do?

New Footer

The most visible change to the site is the implementation of a lighter, leaner footer. We ditched the dark blue background and trimmed the number of links to make the whole experience a little easier to navigate. While those who have noticed this new look have asked about the links that appear to be missing, but no need to worry, as the new footer was launched, so was the newly created Site Map page, to guide the way.


New and Renewed Pages

During this deep dive to reorganize, we noticed a few informational pages were missing, while others just needed to be revamped.

Check out the Become a TurboSquid Artist page, a new addition to the site providing potential newbies with information on everything from royalty rates to certification standards, and of course, the fast track to signing up.

While updates to the site are a regular occurrence, those pages outlining the inner workings at TurboSquid (aka our Company Information pages) were long overdue for an overhaul. The addition of a number of new faces to the company management were made as well as new milestones worth sharing as part of the company’s history. The team charged with making these changes was most excited about the revamped careers page. While trying to translate the energy and appeal of any company’s culture is difficult, we think this page really does a great job of capturing a lot of the things we love about working at TurboSquid.

Forum Function

The new footer did prompt a number of artists to wonder where the forums had gone. As artists are the most active users on the forums, the addition of a direct link from the top of the Artist Dashboard seemed the most logical location.

In addition to adding accessibility, we have started to tackle the overall organization of the forums. By grouping conversations and comments thematically, we can more effectively monitor and communicate with the TS community. This process has only just begun, so you will likely see some “dust” as we work through the process.

An Update Exclusively for Artists

During a recent Artist Survey, the top requested item was the ability to see more about the customers that have purchased your models. In case you haven’t been there recently, you may want to to check out the Sales Monthly Details Report which now include the specific country from which a purchase was initiated (definitely an upgrade from limited previous Source output of  “US” or “Foreign”). In addition, the industry that the customer has designated within their profile is included. It is important to note that industry information is an optional field for customers, therefore a number of the results may show up as “unknown” – this is not a bug.

To see this report in action, visit your Artist Dashboard, then select Sales Reports, select a date range and view the Sales Monthly Details.

There is always more to come, so stay tuned to our blog for updated features and other changes to the site.