A little bit louder, please! | June 2012

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TurboSquid Newsletter

Calling All 3D Artists: Tell Us What You Think

Which new features will make it easier to find the 3D models you need, when you need them? Your votes will help shape
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Play 3D Expert - The Model Rating Game by TurboSquid

Are you a 3D model connoisseur? We’ve got the game for you.

3D Expert flips through TurboSquid models while you rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, awarding points for accuracy and speed. The game collected over 350,000 ratings during the beta. Now that we’ve launched, how will you stack up?

CG Industry Heavy Hitters Convene, Define 3D Modeling Standards

TurboSquid recently assembled the CheckMate Advisory Board to guide the future of the CheckMate 3D modeling standard. The board consists of top VFX professionals working with Bent Image Lab, Blur Studio, CNN, Electronic Arts, Encore Hollywood, NeoScape, The Mill and Weta Digital.CheckMate Advisory Board Announced

Leather Swivel Chair 3D Model by Tora2097

Featured Model for June

One might say that selecting this month’s featured model was influenced by our desire for serenity. Could it be the relaxed tone of this rendering that drew us in? Whatever the reason, the detailed construction of this upscale leather swivel chair model by artist Tora2097 is worth a closer look. We took a few minutes to get to know Tora2097, a talented artist with a flair for detail.

Click here to to read our Q&A with 3D artist Tora2097

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