TS Talks CheckMate During Visit to Boston AAUGA Meeting

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TurboSquid’s CheckMate Ambassador, Michele Bousquet, was lucky enough to spend some time with some wicked smart folks during the  Boston AAUGA March member meeting. Those in attendance included 3D pros representing a vast cross section of industries from game development to medical visualization, even students from local art colleges.

While most in the crowd were already members of TurboSquid, few knew of the level of impact that CheckMate has had on the 3D industry as a whole. Things really got interesting as a chart (shown below) demonstrating how the relatively few models within the TurboSquid catalog that are CheckMate certified are responsible for a significant percentage of total sales. 


The lively Q&A that followed centered on the implementation of the standard as well as the rate of adoption across various industries worldwide.

Our host for the evening was none other than TurboSquid longtime customer, Neoscape. Considered one of the premier producers of architectural visualizations, their projects are more than mere fly-throughs. Creations by Neoscape play out like mini-movies, showcasing everything from high-end office buildings to reconstruction projects.

*Oh, and did we mention that the folks at Neoscape are also CheckMate enthusiasts? Check out the video below to get their take on the benefits of working with certified models.

Most recently, Neoscape was invited to join the CheckMate Advisory Board. This newly formed consortium of 3D model users will work with TurboSquid to continue to evolve the CheckMate standard for years to come. Stay tuned to our blog for more on the Advisory Board coming soon.

Thanks again to the Boston AAUGA for having us and Neoscape to hosting. Our time in Boston was “killa”.