Finding Balance, Building Bridges | March 2012

TurboSquid Customer Newsletter

TurboSquid Newsletter

Finding The Balance Between Quality and Quantity
Our quest to bring both to customers, artists, and the industry


Every industry struggles with the valuation of quality versus
quantity. While there are distinct benefits to both, at some point you must strive to provide balance between the two.

For nearly 12 years, TurboSquid has been building toward being the biggest, now reaching the point where we can bill ours as the largest marketplace for 3D models. While offering the lion’s share of models on the web is an attractive selling point, being the biggest isn’t always equated with quality.

In our quest to be the best, we continue to initiate programs that are to the benefit of both customers and artists. Here’s a recap of a few of these initiatives:

  • SquidGuild Bridge (NEW)
    Program launched as an answer to many requests by talented yet ineligible 3D artists to sell their models at TurboSquid, leading to more quality models for you to choose from. 

  • CheckMate Product Certification
    Industry standard created to ensure quality in 3D models, making them easier to work with – ultimately saving you production time (read as “money”).

  • Top Notch Support
    When it comes to support, out job is never done: we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. But still we feel there is always more we could be doing. We continue to evolve how we attend to your needs. Whether you choose talk to one of our reps via phone, online chat, or by opening a support ticket, we encourage you to rely on us before or after your purchase is made.   

So as we inch closer to our twelfth anniversary, we thank our longtime customers as well as newbies to the TurboSquid family. We’ll keep pushing toward greatness; provided that you keep coming back for more models.

Featured CheckMate Pro Models

Models identified as CheckMate Pro have been inspected against a 44-point checklist, have flawless quad-based topology, real-world scale, offer customers a beautiful HD previews and are plug-and-play ready to put into your production pipeline. Click here to learn more.

Featured CheckMate Lite Models

CheckMate Lite are also high quality models that have been hand-checked. They are ready for use,
providing assets that open and render without error. Detailed preview images show you exactly what you are buying. 
Click here to learn more.

Fresh from the Blog

3D Model by HD_Ready
Q&A with Featured Artist for March – HD_Ready

For the month of March, TurboSquid features a well-crafted, CheckMate certified 3D model of an LCAC US Navy hovercraft by artist HD_Ready, that looks ready for real-life battle. We took the time to chat with talented artist on what inspires him. Read More

TS Models in Discovery Channel YouTube Promo
Use of 3D Models in Top YouTube Promo Going Swimmingly Well

Four creatures from the TurboSquid model catalog star in the Discovery Network’s recent online video promotions for Shark Week and River Monsters. Read More…


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