TurboSquid in Istanbul

TurboSquid 3D Modeling, CheckMate, Featured Artists

What happens when a bunch of Turkish 3D artists get together at a cozy little bistro in Istanbul? That’s what TurboSquid found out last week when we invited some of our top artists from Turkey, along with a few customers and even some TurboSquid newbies, to join us for food and drink at the TAG Bistro in Istanbul’s New District. There I talked about the CheckMate 3D modeling standard as well as the TurboSquid marketplace in general. The presentation, which was supposed to last less than an hour, ended up running closer to 3 hours when the 15 artists at the meeting asked dozens of questions about CheckMate.

CheckMate Michele Istanbul

Michele talks about CheckMate

Istanbul CheckMate 3D Artists

Meeting attendees watch the screen up above

The next night, TurboSquid artists BlueGreen, 3D_Garden, and Dorador treated me to a wonderful fish dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus river. Besides making me laugh harder than I imagined I could, they also asked me a lot more questions about TurboSquid and CheckMate, which I’ll post as a separate Q&A on the blog soon.

CheckMate Dinner Party

Left to right: 3D_Garden, BlueGreen's niece, 3D_Garden's wife, Dorador, BlueGreen, Michele

CheckMate Turntable

Michele explains correct turntable technique to BlueGreen and 3D_Garden