CheckMate Update

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As 2011 comes to a close, we have an update on sales statistics at TurboSquid.

The number of CheckMate 3D models in our catalog passed the 2500 mark in November, bringing the CheckMate count to 1% of the total number. In that month, sales of CheckMate models accounted for around 8% of total sales revenue. The total count for CheckMate models as of today is 2698 (around 1.1% of our catalog), while the percentage of December revenue attributed to CheckMate models has jumped to over 9%.

3d model shopping cartAirplane 3D model3d model teeth

We’re continuing to streamline the inspection process, with most initial inspections taking just a couple of days. CheckMate inspectors are working through the holidays to keep up with submissions and increase the CheckMate catalog every day.

TurboSquid will present the CheckMate 3D Modeling Standard at the Imagina conference in February. Following on the heels of a similar presentation at the Siggraph conference in August 2011, top production studios have continued to express interest in contributing to and adopting the standard for their own work. With these studios, we’re forming a CheckMate Advisory Board to continue standards development and refinement, ensuring the CheckMate standard will be useful and relevant for many years to come. We’ll have more news about the Advisory Board in the months to come.

We’ll be raising a glass at midnight on Dec. 31 to what the new year will bring for TurboSquid, for CheckMate, and for our participating artists. Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous New Year for all of us!