New Product Features at TurboSquid

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Today we launched two new features for 3D models.

Minimum Five Preview Images

In order to publish a 3D model, you now must upload a minimum of 5 preview images. We made this change because we found that customers have a very strong preference for 3D models with several images. Simply put, customers need to know what a model looks like from multiple angles.

Actually, we recommend you adhere to the CheckMate Lite standard and have 7 images (5 renderings and 2 wireframes). There’s a strong relationship between the number of preview images and the number of sales a model gets!

CheckMate Counter

If an artist has CheckMate Certified models, counters now appear next to the artist name on products, showing the number of Pro or Lite certified models. A blue counter shows the number of CheckMate Pro models, while a silver counter shows the number of Lite certified models.

3d model heavy tractor wood trailer