WebMoney Available for Royalties

TurboSquid Site

More than half the artists the publish at TurboSquid are from outside the USA (158 countries in all!), so we offer a variety of payment methods for their monthly royalties. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added WebMoney as a payment method.

WebMoney is a service similar to Paypal, where you can maintain an online bank account, withdraw funds, and accept payments. For years TurboSquid has offered Paypal as an artist payment option, but this service isn’t available in certain countries (particularly Russia) due to restrictions beyond our control. Now these artists can opt to be paid via WebMoney and enjoy the same benefit of instant, secure payment without check or wire fees.

WebMoney Payment Setup

If you wish to be paid via WebMoney, go to your Dashboard and click Edit Payment Options under the My Sales and Earnings section.

This takes you to the Payment Information page. Click EDIT, and choose WebMoney as your payment option. You will need to enter your Webmoney account number in the space provided.

You will receive your payment via WebMoney on the next payout date (the 15th of the month). Please note that all the same foreign withholding tax rules apply to WebMoney as to any other payment method.