CheckMate Tools Now Available

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For some time, our in-house inspectors have been using tools to assist them in CheckMate Pro inspections. Each tool generates a report regarding ngons, flipped faces, isolated vertices, and a number of other model attributes related to CheckMate Pro inspection. Although the tools can only do so much (a manual inspection is always required to truly pass or fail a model), these tools make an inspector’s job much easier.

Report from CheckMate Pro Tool for 3ds Max

We’re happy to tell you that these tools are now available to SquidGuild members. Visit our CheckMate Pro Tools page to download the tools for your software applications, and start using them to make better models right away! These tools include scripts for 3ds Max and Maya, and a plug-in for CINEMA 4D. Each tool comes with easy-to-follow documentation on installation and usage.

In addition to using the CheckMate Pro Tools to prepare your 3D models for CheckMate Pro certification, we invite you to use these tools in your own organization to test models created in-house for your pipeline.

These tools are currently in beta. We’ve been using them for a while, so the tools themselves have been tested rigorously. We’d like your feedback on the quality of the information you get, ease of following the documentation, etc. Please visit our CheckMate forum to give your feedback.