TurboSquid on ‘Bones’

Michele Bousquet Sightings 3 Comments

A TurboSquid model was recently used as part of the graphics in the Fox TV show Bones, a drama where crimes are solved using computer graphics. In the March 10 episode The Killer in the Crosshairs, a 3D scope was used as part of a demonstration of how a “smart bullet” could hit a target hidden around a corner.

Leupold Mark IV Bors Scope

You can see the episode The Killer in the Crosshairs on the Fox website.

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  1. BONES is a fun show, but cannot be taken seriously, despite the excellent cast. Their hologram simulations are way over the top. However, that being said, any show that stars one of the Deschanel sisters gets my vote, even though I’m devoted to Zooey, not “Bones” (Emily Deschanel).

  2. How many models is used and we will never know where. 🙁

    It would be great to allow buyers to write something like testimonials, while buying, then sellers and other visitors would know where particular model was used.

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