TurboSquid Sighting: Ship Model on “House”

TurboSquid Sightings

An episode in the seventh season of House, a popular American TV show, begins with a large sailing ship tossing on the waves during a violent storm as cannonballs explode around her. That sailing ship is a 3D model of the Golden Hind, a 16th century English galleon that is best known as the ship in which Sir Francis Drake sailed around the globe between 1577 and 1580. The model is the work of Diamond artist Kaol.

The Golden Hind

The model can be seen in House during the first few minutes of the episode “A Pox on Our House,” where it stands in as a slave ship bound for the New World. Every scene that shows the ship’s exterior was done with CG using this model. You can see this episode in full at Hulu.com.

The ship as it appears in House

The ship as shown in House