Turntable and Preview Upgrades

Chris Phillips Site

After the last major release, we’ve been tweaking some of the features based on user feedback. This week saw a bundle of upgrades go out, so now is a good time to give a summary of what’s been improved.


We’ve seen a lot of artists taking advantage of turntables on their products and giving us useful suggestions for improvement. We’ve updated the system in a few ways:

  • You can now use up to 72 images in a turntable
  • Four digit padding is acceptable in naming (image-0001.jpg)
  • Both underscores and dashes are now acceptable (image-1.jpg and image_1.jpg)
  • Sequences can now start at frame 0

Full Preview

The vast majority of thumbnails that artists have uploaded since the main upgrade earlier this month are 600×600 and higher, taking advantage of the new options. New improvements related to full preview include:

  • Date published is displayed again
  • # of Download on free products is displayed again
  • The upload servers had some adjustments to deal with big files more effectively.  Successful uploads of 1GB+ main product files and 3200×3200 pixel images are no longer a problem.
  • If an image has an Original sized image, but not a HD image, the image now shows the link to the Image Viewer.

A number of small bug fixes and tweaks also came out over the holidays to improve the system. There are a few more improvements/bug fixes based on testing and feedback since the release that we’ll come out with over the course of this month. We’d like to thank everyone who has given helpful notes to us about ways to improve the site.