Best Sales Ever at TurboSquid

TurboSquid Site

TurboSquid has reached a couple of impressive milestones this month: our best sales month ever and the publishing of the 200,000th model on the site.

November 2010 sales were the highest of any month since the company was founded in 2000 — not bad for a month that includes a major U.S. holiday weekend (Thanksgiving) and considering that the national and global economy could still be said to be recovering from a recession. This is a positive sign for the 3D industry as a whole. With so many artists like us who’ve bet their careers on this industry, it’s something to be happy about.

November was also the month that TurboSquid reached the 200,000 mark in number of products published on the website. The catalog has grown steadily over the last ten years and includes everything from 3D tractor-trailers to detailed anatomical parts. Gandoza, the top-selling artist who published the 200,000th model, also just celebrated a personal milestone of his own by publishing more than 500 models on the site.

“This is also special mark for me to hit 500 models exclusively for TurboSquid,” said Gandoza, a Diamond-level artist who works and lives in Istanbul, Turkey. “I feel grateful and proud to be a TurboSquid artist, and I wish the company further success. Because my success comes along with their success.”