Site Upgrades Oct 2010

Chris Phillips Site

Some site upgrades went online this week, focusing on improving the customer download experience.  We expect a couple of cosmetic tweaks, but this wraps up a large set of improvements to this section like inline downloads and multi-file zip downloads.

Simplification of Product Folders for Purchases & Downloads

  • Users really only wanted the main product files, and customers only wanted accompanying product files types, so we removed promotional preview files and thumbnails from the product’s file systems.
  • We’ve also pulled out the Textures and Customer-Only accompanying product files from folders and put them in with the Main Product files, so users don’t have to go looking for them.
  • Promotional files like Previews and Evaluation versions can still be downloaded directly from the Full Preview.  We’ve also improved the tracking of these files and will soon come out with a report on the data.
  • We removed the “product view” where you were in a product’s subfolders and had a different header.
  • Inline file downloads are now available in the Smart Folders – Purchase History, Starred, and Corporate Accounts. The old Download page is now fully offline.
  • A few optimizations for the download zipping process.

Bug Fixes

  • Purchases folders that included products which the user had rated with special characters will now finish loading.
  • Upgrade to full preview header display for users coming from Google searches.