A Look Back at TurboSquid Websites

TurboSquid Site

Development was busy this summer, making lots of upgrades to the website to improve publishing, downloads, search, dashboard and reports, etc. Just seeing all those improvements made some of the long-timers around TurboSquid start thinking back to the early days, when the website wasn’t even a website. Remember this homepage from August 2000?

When the company started in 2000, we had an online application that artists and customers had to download and install on their computers to upload or purchase models.  About a year later, we introduced the first website-based search system.

By 2004 the website had undergone a full redesign and featured a slate gray background. Around this time we began featuring banner ads for new TurboSquid products.

The year 2008 brought more improvements including a new support, chat and Knowledge Base system and 24/7 support via LiveChat.

In summer 2009, we introduced a new search interface that allows you to start out with a general search and then refine and filter the results by product type, compatibility, price, ratings, artist and more.

A few months later the SquidGuild was born along with SquidLevels, and the website sported a new design we call Alabaster. It featured a wider screen and a clean white background on Member pages, My Files and Company tabs.

We continue to improve the appearance and operation of TurboSquid over time, and there will certainly be more changes to come.