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Talking Tom Cat

What do the Brits, Germans, French and Russians have in common these days? The most popular free iPhone and iTunes application in these countries is 3D Talking Tom Cat, an application where you can indulge your particular feeling towards cats without getting fur on your clothes or, heaven forbid, actually having to touch an actual cat.

Outfit7 Ltd., a startup mobile applications company in Slovenia, made Talking Tom Cat from Andrey Kravchenko’s cartoon cat 3D model. This model is available exclusively at TurboSquid.

In the app, Tom can repeat everything you say (in a funny voice, of course). You can also pet him to make him purr, or pour him a glass of milk. Or, if you’re not feeling the love, you can poke his head, belly or feet, or even pull his tail. Forget about him, and Tom will yawn or sneeze to get your attention. You can even record videos of Tom and upload them to YouTube or Facebook, or email them to your friends.

We know that tomcats like to get around, and we’re particularly proud of this one. Congratulations, Andrey, on being part of an international sensation!