How lifelike can we get?

TurboSquid 3D Modeling


Hi, I’m Matt Gossell, Marketing Coordinator at TurboSquid. With this month marking the 10th anniversary of TurboSquid, I would like to briefly discuss how lifelike our models are becoming and where they might be in the future.

As the years go by, and technology grows at an accelerated rate, people, whether they are artists, game designers or just a student trying to make his mark on the 3D world, are breaking new ground in lifelike realism. Lately many people have been looking towards Apple for inspiration with many breathtaking iterations of the iPod, iPhone, Mac Book, and now the iPad. In fact, TurboSquid had realistic iPad models within hours of the real iPad’s release!

With 3D designers finding new ways to produce models and render them, it’s no wonder the detail of such models has skyrocketed. The future looks bright with the adaptation of 3D in TV and games, and I look forward to see just how real we can make the models of the future.


3D model by mderidder


Real iPhone

3D model by MIM3d

A real iPad