Publisher Nearing End of Beta

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Since we put the Beta of the new Publisher online in December, we’ve been continually upgrading and adding functionality based of your feedback. Today we released our fourth upgrade, and we believe the new Publisher is ready to become the default publishing system on the site in the next week or two.  For a while you’ll still be able to access the old Product Manager after the new Publisher comes out of Beta (in case we find any new issues).  If you haven’t tried out the new Publisher, now is the time to use it and let us know if you run into problems.  If you tried it out in December, read about what we’ve upgraded and have another look.

Today’s improvements include:

  • Publisher works in IE6
  • Fixes to the watermarks system
  • Speed optimizations for page loads of Publisher/Last Modified
  • Fixed old Product Manager issue with game-ready certification submission
  • Flash install not required for file upload
  • Large number of file formats can be published at once
  • Several other small tweaks and bug fixes

We have many more upgrades planned for the Publisher and entire My Files section, but the core of new Publisher is ready to be the default engine for TurboSquid.

Additionally, we upgraded the Application search filter.  There are now two sections, 3D models and CAD, to make it easier for our CAD customers to find relevant content.  The File Format popup’s performance has also improved with new substring searching and a Select All option once you have search results.