Tips for Publishers

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Lately, I’ve been talking to some of our top sellers to find out how they’ve achieved such a high level of sales. Between their tips, and information we’ve gathered from our own statistics, a few important points have emerged.

Consistent, steady publishing is one of the keys to success at TurboSquid. Many customers search daily for the newest models, and if they like your work, they’ll click through to find the rest of your catalog. If you haven’t published anything in a while, now is the time to brush off a few models and put them up for sale. And, as always, include plenty of thumbnails, including at least one wireframe image, so shoppers can tell what the model is all about.

You might also consider changing prices on existing products to reflect the current marketplace. During the economic downturn, many sellers dropped their prices to attract more buyers. Judging from the last few sales months at TurboSquid, the economy is on its way to a brisk recovery. Changing prices back to 2008 levels can not only increase your earnings, but can attract more buyers, as customers often equate higher prices with higher quality.

It’s also important that the description accurately match the product. If you’ve used a third-party plug-in to make the thumbnails, either remove it completely from the model before publishing, or state clearly in the description that a third-party plug-in is needed. Customers, by survey, greatly prefer a “raw” model without plug-ins. If you’d like someone to help you test the model and make sure it’s all cleaned up, you can contact support anytime for help.

The most common questions we hear from sellers are, “What’s selling at TurboSquid? What should I make?” The reports on your Dashboard can help you find popular categories and keywords. Another strategy is to do a search at TurboSquid on various keywords related to models you already have, or could make. If nothing comes up in our search, then you’ve found an area where you can be the first.

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Although we already have more than 170,000 3D models at TurboSquid, there’s still room for more. Customers come to TurboSquid for the wide selection and variety, so feel free to continue to add to our catalog.