New features and bug fixes

Chris Phillips Site

A new set of features and bug fixes went online at TurboSquid today.  We are continuing to focus on the Publisher and My Files section while they are still in beta.  With this release, we believe that we are very, very close to taking this section out of beta and making it the default Publisher and Download sections of the site.  You will continue to be able to use the old sections for a little while after the switch, but now is the time to check out these new pages if you’ve been holding off.

Publisher Load Optimizations
One reason some people have been holding off on trying the new Publisher is because some large sellers had intermittent load issues.  Its annoying to test when the pages can timeout.  This release focused on removing many of these slow loads.  I think we’ve solved many of the issues, but Last Modified’s initial load is still too slow.

Thumbnail Ordering Control
Sellers can now control the ordering of the thumbnails in the new Publisher.  Simply drag the thumbnail image to the position you want in the Publisher’s Presentation tab.

Accompanying Files Upgrades
We’ve fixed a few bugs and added a new accompanying file type:

  • New type “Textures” can be used to more clearly identify packages of textures.  It is still recommended that sellers package textures within the main product files.
  • Fixed issues with Publisher when there were multiple Accompanying Product Files
  • Fixed being unable to remove accompanying product files in IE7
  • Fix issues with eternal processing of Accompanying Product Files on upload in  IE7

New design on the Products/3D page
We are slowly upgrading the pages and sections of the site to a new design.  You’ve already seen this in the Member pages, the Publisher/My Files section, and some of the application landing pages (/3ds-max, /maya).  Now we are slowing going through some of the Products pages and the like.  Sellers with artist features may be contacted to tweak their feature.

Other small fixes and feature improvements including:

  • Files are now being removed from “Add Files from Uploads” dialog properly
  • From Preview, Publisher now recalls the last tab that you were editing in
  • Did you note that you can upload multiple files at a time from anywhere you can upload? Just multi-select in the browser window.  This is a big time saver that some haven’t noticed, so we’ve changed the upload files icon to suggest “multi-file” a bit more.