Diamond Squids of London

TurboSquid 3D Modeling

TurboSquid struck it rich in London last week, where we had a lively meet-and-greet with Diamond SquidGuild members Giimann, ES3DStudios, and London Landmarks. In addition putting faces to names we’ve known for so long, it was the perfect opportunity to talk about TurboSquid. These top sellers needed no prompting–moments after we made introductions, they started discussing best publishing practices, up-and-coming file formats, SquidGuild benefits, the new Publisher, and anything and everything about selling at TurboSquid.

Diamond SquidGuild members London Landmarks and Giimann

Representing TurboSquid was Michele Bousquet (VP Marketing) and Nancy-Ellen Martin (VP Support). The best part for us was watching our top sellers exchange ideas, from advice on how to make a living with TurboSquid (“Publish a lot,” says Giimann, who has over 1200 products) to retaining rights on freelance projects so you can publish the models at TurboSquid (“Include an ownership clause in the contract,” says ES3DStudios).

VP Support Nancy-Ellen Martin and Diamond SquidGuild member ES3DStudios

Toward the end of the evening, the subject turned to beginnings at TurboSquid. Although everyone had a unique story, one common thread emerged: each seller started with a diskful of 3D models from freelance work, and decided to give this TurboSquid thing a try. “I guess it turned out pretty well,” laughed Giimann. Yeah, Diamond Dude, I guess so.