TurboSquid Magazine in iTunes LP format

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We’re going to have our own magazine!

On Friday, we announced the upcoming delivery of TurboSquid Magazine, an electronic journal for 3D content. In a strategic partnership with publisher Write2Grow, TurboSquid Magazine will be the first in the world published in the new iTunes LP format. TurboSquid will license its brand and lend its expertise in the field of 3D to Write2Grow, who will publish the magazine.

The publisher will create content “far above and beyond what the current market offers,” according to TurboSquid Magazine editor Charles Henderson. “We will use our proven model to deliver better quality content, a larger audience to advertisers, and an amazing delivery model that will outshine anything on the planet.”

The Mac community is abuzz about this new file format. You can see the full press release on the Macsimum News blog, or read about the Mac community’s speculation on the Maciverse blog.