Small bugfixes now online

Chris Phillips Site

A small set of bug fixes and some backend upgrades to the certification processes went live today.  We still have at least another two rounds of small hotfixes to the new Publisher and Download section before we switch these from beta into the default systems.  You will continue to be able to use the old Product Manager for a few months after this transition.

These bugs are  now fixed:

  • Publisher/Main Files: file format selection is lost in certain cases
  • Uploading to Accompanying Product Files often gets stuck in the processing step
  • Publisher- hitting “Create New Product” will ignore your current location in the My Published Products and publish to the top level folder.
  • A few UI issues in Chrome
  • Duplicate receipt emails sent when button is clicked repeatedly
  • Single and double quotes in product names caused Product Statistics report to fail
  • Date added not displaying for Folders

We decided to get this set of small bugs out before the next release, which mainly new features.  The main new feature in the next release is the drag-n-drop ordering of presentation images. We expect this to be online in the next two weeks.