Publisher fixes and upgrades

Chris Phillips 3D Modeling

This week we released a set of fixes, mostly related to the new Publisher.  We’ll continue to roll out bug fixes and upgrades for a few more small releases.  The next hotfix will be released later this month.

We’ve received a lot of good feedback which helps us find and choose the most important issues. Any feedback is welcome in the forums on directly through Support. Even better, register for one of our new Webinars and not only learn more about the new Publisher but also give us feedback directly.

Changes online now:

  • Publisher now sets media type from the file extension added within a product
  • You can now remove items from Suggested Products and Accompanying Product Files
  • Promotional files are now downloaded directly from Full Preview
  • Various publishing issues with Tentacles fixed
  • Interactioon issues between Product Status smart folders (hidden, awaiting review, suspeneded)
  • Fixed “{/br}” symbols from showing up in the description text + Full Preview
  • Searching on “3d models” keywords no longer causes parser crash
  • Small spelling, grammar, graphical tweaks
  • We’ve disabled the ability to view receipts for free assets in Starred
  • Small tweaks to folder tree navigation

Upcoming upgrades

  • Drag-n-drop re-ordering of thumbnails in Publisher
  • New Accompanying File type-  Textures
  • More bug fixes and speed improvements