TurboSquid and Mixamo Partnership

Paul Teall Site

A new partnership between TurboSquid and Mixamo was just announced a few days ago – you can read the full details in the press release. Mixamo offers a very cool online animation service that allows you to purchase royalty-free, production-quality 3D character animations at a fraction of what they would cost to create. What’s more is that these motions can be custom tailored right on their site, with the motion playing so you can see the effects of your changes immediately. Want a character to crouch lower, or creep slower than the default? Then just dial in the settings you want and see the result instantly! They’ve already got a robust library of existing animation data, and are busily expanding it.

TurboSquid is now in the process of certifying certain character models that we sell as “Mixamo ready.”  If you do a keyword search on TurboSquid for “Mixamo”, you’ll see which characters have already been certified.  These are all guaranteed to work with any of the Mixamo animations so that you can be assured of a good user experience from start to finish. We will be certifying more models in concert with the Mixamo team in the coming weeks and months so check back often.

For more information on how the process works, check out the Mixamo information page on TurboSquid!