3D Model Spotlight – Cyberius

Paul Teall Featured Artists

I enjoy flipping through recently published models to look for models to highlight, because it gives you an idea just how varied the selection on TurboSquid really is.  I’m going to do my best to select a different style of model for as long as I can – I don’t think I’ll be running out of ideas any time soon.  😉

Giimann is an exclusive TurboSquid seller, and he’s one of the top stock 3D artists in the world.  He’s just published a new robot model, and it really highlights why he is one of the best.   I really like the sleek black look of the robot – it’s a nice change of pace from the white humanoid robots featured in “I, Robot.”

Giimann has included several nice looking previews, including shots of the wireframe, rig and untextured model.  As we’ve mentioned to sellers before, including additional shots of your models is key to boosting sales.

Here’s a preview shot of Cyberius:

3D Android model from Giimann

3D Android model from Giimann